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New to area, working on a new you or just need some new motivation!

jogscotland WESTHILL, is a fun, friendly local jogging group which is perfect for runners who are new to the area, anyone who wants to get active for the first time or those of us who have been running alone under the cover of darkness as we start our running journey. Nobody is “too slow” to join and nobody gets left behind!

Motivation can also be an issue for most of us and knowing that others will be with you to share the experience of pounding the pavements whatever the weather can often be the difference between staying in or going out. For those of you who think that running clubs are just for those at the front of the pack or those who take their running too seriously, Well no! Joining a club is one of the best things that any runner, whatever their level, can do. It can often instigate big improvements in performance and provide lasting memories, experiences and friendship.

We have several runners who joined the group to get to know Westhill and meet some people. Jess moved to Westhill last year and didn't really know the area or anyone living here and heard about the group at Hazlehead parkrun. Not knowing the area, she was worried that she’d get lost going out on her own and wanted somewhere she could meet new people. Our experienced jog leaders have mapped dozens of routes around Westhill that are suitable for runners of every ability and even those who have stayed in the town for decades occasionally find another “new” path that they’ve never been on.

Many people who take up jogging for the first time do it with a goal in mind – they might want to run in a charity event or join their friends at an organised race. Having a target can be a brilliant motivator, but it’s important that it’s realistic.

Kim Richmond joined in January 2018 after seeing an ad for their Couch to 5K programme. At the time she’d lost the habit of doing regular exercise and wanted something that would not only get her started again, but also help her stick with it.

Kim says “My experience definitely ticked both boxes, as taking part in the regular C25K sessions was great fun and really improved my fitness, so at the end of the programme I was able to complete (and even enjoy) the Garioch 5K. The friendship and encouragement I got from everyone was a huge help, so much so that since then I’ve completed several more 5K runs and have even stepped up to running a couple of 10Ks.”

So, if you’re thinking about taking up running but aren’t too sure if it’s for you, or if your running on your own and fancy a some friendly, non-competitive and supportive company or just want to get to know Westhill a little better we’d say come along and give it a go. You might surprise yourself by how much you enjoy it!

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